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Category: STEPS Radio

GKT: ZERO WASTE and The Taxi Mistake

Laila and Amanda try the Zero Waste Challenge. Introducing a tale of vomit, convenience and only wanting to do healthy things when it is sunny. Green Keen and Tipsy is […]

GKT: I am with CUP!

The featured image for this episode is taken from London Pride 2016, and features actresses Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. They are playing their characters Edina and Patsy. As you’ll […]

GKT: Count Laila’s Coughs

The Green, Keen & Tipsy podcast discusses sustainability while sharing a glass of wine. Every week we challenge ourselves to be more green and talk about how much we failed. […]

STEPS Radio: How do you navigate rape culture?

Are you really that surprised by the #metoo campaign? Do these scandals coming out of Hollywood shock you? Some people aren’t shocked or surprised. For some, the struggle to end gender based […]