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GKT: Plastic Clothing and Harry Potter

We decided to stop wearing plastic clothes. It was pretty difficult:

The Green, Keen & Tipsy podcast discusses sustainability while sharing a glass of wine. Every week we challenge ourselves to be more green and talk about how much we failed. Living green is hard but just taking smaller steps is good enough. Follow us and get inspired to turn your lifestyle more green, keen and of course more tipsy. Brace yourself!

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  1. Instead of plastic, which I am assuming you were trying upcycle (I am new to your podcast and don’t know your basic thinking yet), you could go for sustainability with natural fibers like wool, cotton, alpaca and even bamboo. Silk too. I am a knitter and these are all fibers that we can find in our yarns these days.

    Where are you based? The west coast, where I am, has sea to table, plus more inland, Sacramento, has farm to table. Are you too far fto either, more mid country


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