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Veganism: How and why are people trying new foods?

STEPS And The Vegan Potluck

40  hungry folk of Uppsala made their way to Kollaboratoriet to try different vegan recipes. A first attempt, with somewhat rushed last minute cooking to feed (potentially) 300 interested people, fortunately turned out well. Next time we are aiming for 120 people! Wanna get involved? Contact us through facebook.

STEPS is all about promoting sustainable living in a fun, open environment. But sometimes it is hard to know how to start! This event was constructed for the people who want to increase their vegan meal options.

You can check out the recipes of some of the participants through a google docs here.


So, why eat more vegan?

The statistics show that our global meat and dairy eating habit is running havoc on the environment. Through deforestation for grazing, growing food for livestock, methane emissions from cattle, pollution and transportation, there are many drastic consequences of humanity’s diet.

Some estimates claim that for the average meal in the western world one calorie of food is created with ten calories of fossil fuel energy. By reducing or eliminating meat and animal products from our diets we can have a direct positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and leaving more natural habitat on the planet for other species.

What do we do about it?

Reduce your meat and dairy consumption. It is as simple as that! If you decide to go vegan two days a week, that is a reduction of your meat and dairy emissions by nearly 30%.

Talk to your friends and family about this, a lot of people don’t know the impacts of their diet and don’t know how tasty vegan food can be!

If you try out the recipes from the vegan pot luck, please let us know what you think about them. And, why not get involved in the next Potluck? You can check out Steps Hub on facebook for more information.

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