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CeMuse Radio: Can the way we eat change the world?

In this episode, the team invited Camilla and Kristina from Väktargatan Food Hub to explain what food cooperatives are, and how they can reduce food and packaging waste.

Find the original post here.

Väktargatan Food Hub offered STEPS Radio this statement:

Public announcement for people who eat food: making food system sustainable means pushing our forks in the right direction, supporting sustainable ways of production and keeping a close relationship to the farmers as well as to the food they produce. Väktargatan Food Hub is on a mission to help you accomplish that by buying local food directly from the producers. No food miles, no waste, no Spanish apples. Or oranges – sorry we don’t have oranges. We have orders every two weeks and deliveries to Väktargatan – 2 minutes from Djäknegatan and Kantorsgatan student areas! Like us on facebook (Väktargatan Food Hub) or come check one of the deliveries – there will be tastings for those who have too much month in the end of the money and need a free dinner. We are also always looking for collaborators who want to practice their social media skills, communication strategies, accounting or project development and pimp up their CVs. Swedish is a plus but not a necessity.


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