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GKT: ZERO WASTE and The Taxi Mistake

Laila and Amanda try the Zero Waste Challenge. Introducing a tale of vomit, convenience and only wanting to do healthy things when it is sunny. Green Keen and Tipsy is […]

GKT: Plastic Clothing and Harry Potter

We decided to stop wearing plastic clothes. It was pretty difficult: The Green, Keen & Tipsy podcast discusses sustainability while sharing a glass of wine. Every week we challenge ourselves […]

Fatta: The Extended Podcast

Fatta: Changing Destructive Social and Legal Systems that Enable Rape Culture This is the extended interview you heard a little of on Monday on StudentRadion 98,9. If you want to […]

Fast Fashion Fat Profits

Fast Fashion: Implications of our thirst for new clothes Fast fashion is a relatively new name for an industry that over the past 15 years has transformed our relationships to […]

GKT: Use a Blanket!

In winter it is easy to turn the heating and lights on and forget about it. But candles and a blanket can be pretty cosy! The Green, Keen & Tipsy […]